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Requirements for E-mail

1. We respect people that are respectful. That includes holding out on any predjudice, and respecting us and our person.

2. Use GOOD grammar and spelling. We dislike AOL speak or anything that is sloppy.

3. If something is broken, please link to it. (This includes links, and broken images).

4. All critiques are welcome, but please be specific with your critiques.

5. Hitsuji is up for debating, but only with citations and evidence. Be prepared, otherwise she will defeat you soundly.

6. Be paitent, we cannot answer your e-mail that quickly.

7. Any stupidity including, but not limited to: asking Takeuchi-sensei in English to bring back Sailor Moon on the US stations (which is Toei anyhow.), calling Hitsuji Takeuchi-sensei, anything pertaining to asking about links or re-asking any information that was already in the FAQs will either be posted on this site or deleted.

9. If this pertains specifically to a section, the section manager will have posted their e-mail. Answer to them. If you do not answer to the correct part of the site, the e-mail will be happily deleted.

I have read all the conditions and I agree to abide by them.